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Hurricane Season Is Here, Are You Underinsured?

The majority of homes and commercial buildings throughout the country, but especially in Florida, are not properly insured for their correct replacement value - the cost to replace them. The insurance industry has recognized this for years.

Here is what is currently being reported:

“64 percent of homes are under-insured by an average of 27 percent”

- CBS News Special Investigative Report

“Up to 65% of commercial & residential properties are at least 30% under insured”

- American College of Public Insurance Adjusters

“Some homes are underinsured by 60% or more”

- Nationwide Insurance Company

“Reports lists 64 percent of homes in America as undervalued”

- e2Value.com

With numbers like this, your Home or Commercial Building is probably one that does not have proper insurance coverage!

Expert Valuations

We have been conducting insurance inspections and replacement valuations throughout Florida since 2002. These valuations have included condominium associations, hotels, apartment buildings, office complexes, museums, theaters and even centuries old historic buildings. We have also valued some of the largest and most expensive homes in Florida for business and political leaders. However, up until now the cost of having this service performed for the average homeowner or commercial property owner has been too expensive to afford.

Expert Valuations

Expert Inspectors will send a certified replacement valuation specialist to the client’s location to conduct a professional inspection of the structure(s). We will then produce a complete and detailed valuation report with all required photographs showing the correct current replacement cost. 

This report will be sent VIA email to the property owner as well as their insurance agent. The cost for this service is inexpensive - only $175 for most homes as well as small to medium commercial buildings (up to 6,000 sq ft in size). Buildings more than 6,000 sq ft are slightly more, but still very affordable and well worth the investment - and are priced accordingly.

Dave Kolodzik, P.P.I.A.


Florida Licensed All-Lines Insurance Adjuster

Certified Replacement Valuation Specialist