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Reserve Study

"Reserve studies in Florida are insurance for the uninsurables"

Reserve Studies

(Insurance For The Uninsurables!)

A reserve study is a planning tool for future expenditures over a specified length of time. A professional report is one of the best tools toaid in replacement of large components such as pavement, roofs, paint, and anything over $10,000 that may need to be replaced and avoid special assessments. These items can wield quite a blow if not prepared for.

At Expert Inspectors, we have developed a system to keep our clients involved and aware in the entire process. Upon initial hire, we schedule a site visit (where applicable), meet the board and manager, compile a component list, research and contact specialists and professionals for estimates and insight, and prepare a "draft" for approval before the final report is completed. This allows us not only to service the clients needs at the time, but into the future as well.

We are unique in that the same reserve study specialist will handle your report from start to finish! In an industry where it is not unusual for a client to have to deal with 4-5 different people during study process, we make it personalized. The same specialist who comes to your location to meet with you for the on-site visit will work with you to process your report and be available to answer your questions.

Our Reserve Study Reports are Professional, Accurate and Easy To Understand.

Each Report is Customized to Each Client.

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Reserve Study Experts in Florida

Expert Inspectors conducts reserve studies for H.O.A. Associations and Condominium Associations. Reserve Studies are not insurance, but long term capitol budget control for the future use of deterioration, natural disaster replacement cost and special assessments. A Reserve study allows us to asses where you are in your reserve budget so you may anticipate needed adjustments.

We conduct reserve studies throughout Florida including

Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding Area - St. Augustine, Florida - Orlando, Florida - Tampa, Florida - The Space Coast and Cape Canaveral, Florida - Daytona, Florida