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Residential Homes

It may be time for a new home insurance valuation.

Report after Report - Survey After Survey Are Finding The Same Thing.

Homes Are Not Insured NEARLY ENOUGH To Rebuild After A Major Loss.

"64 percent of homes are UNDER INSURED by an average of 27 percent"-CBS News Special Investigative Report

"Nearly 73 percent of homes were undervalued by 35 percent"-Marshall & Swift/Boeckh (MSB)
"Up to 65% of commercial & residential  properties are at least 30% UNDER INSURED"
-American College of Public Insurance Adjusters

"Some homes are under insures by 60% or more"
-Nationwide Insurance Company

Now imagine the feeling of learning that the insurance policy you have been paying on faithfully for years, did not have enough coverage for you to rebuild.

This happens MORE OFTEN than you think.
Don't Be Another Statistic.

"Securing an accurate home valuation can help ensure you are adequately covered"

- Olympus Insurance Company
The ONLY way to know the correct replacement valuation amount - and therefore how much to insure for, is by having a professional valuation inspection done. The report Expert Insurance Valuations completes will be given to both the property owner and insurance agent for an indepth report to properly insure it.

Did you know:
"Tower Hill requires all homes to be insured at replacement cost value"
   - Brian Hunt, AIC, CPCU. Tower Hill Insurance Group


Residential Home Insurance Valuation Florida

Most Single Family Home Valuations are Only $145. Schedule Now.

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