Wind Storm Mitigation for HOA's and Condominiums

Wind Storm Mitigation

Wind storm mitigation inspections can help you save money on your wind storm portion of your insurance premium.

These discount would not only be for the association, but copies of the report could be made available to the owners for discount on their insurance as well.

Wind Storm Mitigation
Roof Coverings - Are the coverings on the structure’s roof compliant to current Florida Building Code (FBC) standards. If they have been replaced since 2003, they probably are.
Roof To Wall Attachments - How are the roof rafters attached to the exterior walls? Are they nailed? Do they have clips? Do they have straps?
Opening Protection - Are your structure glazed and/or non-glazed 
openings impact resistant?
Roof To Deck  Attachment - How is the decking (plywood or dimensional lumber) attached to the rafters? Staples or nails? If nails, what size and what is the spacing.

As well as other items, devises, that we look for in the report.

The discounts in the premiums paid can be substantial!

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